Parks are for Dreaming


by Danielle Peterson
18″ x 24″ – four-color screen print

Parks have always inspired me. I am such a fan of dedicated public green space and Minneapolis has so much of it. They are my favorite places to dream, clear my head, sit and look at the world pass by. When Covid hit, I had only just moved to Minneapolis. Loring Park became my “front yard” and felt like an extension of my home. Parks soon became safe places to be that weren’t between the walls of my apartment. Because of this, I made it a goal for myself to bike to every park in Minneapolis and completed last year (yup – all 163!). This opened my eyes to how freaking cool this city is for having so much dedicated space for all to walk, bike, connect, play, celebrate and dream in. My poster is inspired by the joy and calmness Minneapolis parks have brought to me over these years.

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